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  1. Hi Hues.This is a long time ago …actually 1979/80 I arrived in California fom New Zealand, young naive kiwi girl of 21. Do you happen to remember, you very kindly took me out to lunch. You were so hospitable to me. Thx 30yrs on! I really was writing this to just let you know, how sad I and Karen were to hear of St Clairs passing… it was quite a shock, as I didnt find out for some time after.. You played Dunedin all those years ago. Will you continue playing, as I am setting up a n entertainment company to bring big acts to Dunedin. We have now a covered venue that holds 40,000 people. Our 1st big concert since the Rugby World Cup is the Elton John Concert. As Christchurch ,which is often a venue for big acts. had the terrible earthquake, I am wanting to make Dunedin, the Entertainment happening place in Little {OLDNZ}… lOVE AND GODBLESS CHRISTINE MCDONALD…. NOW BAKER IS THE SURNAME….PS I WONT BE SURPRISED IF YOU FORGOT ME AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!! I

    • Hello Christine, My name is Jim Catizone and I was the Bass guitarist for the Hues Corporation on that tour of New Zealand. Yes, very sad as well to hear about the passing of St. Clair. My memories were all very fond ones of my days with the Hues for sure and visiting New Zealand in 1978 was a wonderful experience for me as well as performing for and meeting such nice people!
      I’m not sure if the group has reformed or not since St. Clairs passing last year or not, and have tried contacting Wally Holmes through his “Sweet&hot” jazz festival that he is involved with in Los Angeles to say hello to as well.
      Sounds like you are doing some really good things there entertainment wise,keep up the good work! …..such a tragedy to hear about Christchurch, sorry. If I remember correctly that was where we kicked off our tour back in 1978.
      I also remember backing up Bill & Boyd who traveled throughout your beautiful country with us as well!
      All good memories……….
      You can contact me should you wish @ jmagisano@yahoo.com

      Best Wishes,


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